Choosing The Right Method For Hair Removal: Tips For Females

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Choosing The Right Method For Hair Removal: Tips For Females

Hair growth on unwanted places has always been somewhat of a struggle for women. Unwanted hair on the legs, underarms, pubic area, hands, face, chin and upper lip have haunted women over the years. Hair growth can either be hereditary or genetic. It can also be caused by hormonal changes or a medical condition. Whichever way, if hair on these mentioned parts becomes too long, too coarse or too frizzy, it tends to become quite undesirable.

There are many options available to remove unwanted hair, but few options to get rid of hair permanently. The different methods of hair removal from the old stand-by, shaving, to the new treatments, lasers and Vaniqa, are discussed here. Each person should chose a method or combination of methods that works best for them depending on cost, time available, skin type, and the desired hair-free area.

Hair Growth

Understanding how hair grows helps us understand how to keep hair from growing. Each hair is contained in a pilosebaceous unit, which consists of a hair shaft, hair follicle, sebaceous gland, and erector pili muscle. Hair growth and shedding is a continuous cycle through 3 phases. The anagen phase is the growth phase, the catagen phase is a transitional state, and the telogen phase is the resting phase. Hairs spend a variable amount of time in each phase determined by genetics, hormones, and area of the body. Hair in the anagen phase is more susceptible to injury than hair in the telogen phase. All of these factors must be considered when choosing a method of hair removal.


Bleaching is actually not a hair removal method, but rather a way to make the hair less noticeable. This is especially useful for areas that already have thin but dark and therefore noticeable hair like the arms, face, or neck. Bleaching is performed by applying a chemical to the desired area, which removes the pigment from the hair.

Hair Removal with Shaving

Shaving is the most temporary method of hair removal because it merely cuts the hair off at the skin surface. Shaving does not make the hair shaft thicker, darker, or grow faster or slower. However, the short hair shaft may be more noticeable as it grows out because it has a blunt tip instead of the normal tapered tip. Shaving should be done after applying some type of moisturizer to the skin to help the razor glide over the skin, not cut or scrape it. Common moisturizers include water, shaving cream, hair conditioner, or body wash.

Physical Hair Removal

Physically pulling the hair out of the follicle is a common and fairly inexpensive method of hair removal. None of these methods changes the color, texture, or density of the hair. The hair takes longer to grow back because it must grow to the surface of the skin before it is noticed. Because hair grows at different rates, some of the hair that has been physically removed may take more time to grow back in. Repeatedly pulling hair out of the follicle may damage the follicle enough over time to keep it from producing more hair.

Physical Hair Removal – Plucking

Plucking hair with tweezers is an effective way to remove hair but can be very time consuming. The hair shaft must be long enough to grasp with tweezers.

Physical Hair Removal – Waxing

Waxing is an effective method of removing large amounts of hair at one time. In this method wax is warmed to allow it to be spread easily over the skin in the direction of hair growth. The hair becomes embedded in the wax, which cools and firms up grasping the hair. The wax is then quickly pulled off in the opposite direction of the hair growth, pulling the hairs out of the follicles. Cold waxes are available usually attached to strips, which are patted onto the skin. Wax that is still left on the skin must be peeled or scratched off. Caution must be used when heating wax so as not to burn the skin.

Physical Hair Removal – Sugar Waxing

Sugar waxing is a popular form of hair removal that works in the same way traditional waxing does. A thick sugary substance similar to caramel is spread on the skin in the direction of hair growth. The hair becomes embedded in the caramel. A cloth or paper strip is patted onto the caramel and then pulled off quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth, pulling the hairs out of the follicles. The advantage of this method over traditional waxing is the clean up. The sugar substance is water-soluble and can be removed easier than wax by rinsing with water.

Hair Removal with Vaniqa

Vaniqa is a prescription-only topical cream that has been FDA-approved for reducing and inhibiting the growth of unwanted facial hair. The active ingredient in Vaniqa is eflornithine hydrochloride, which has been used to treat African sleeping sickness and certain cancers. Vaniqa works by inhibiting an enzyme that is needed for cell reproduction and other cell functions necessary for hair growth. Vaniqa is applied twice a day to areas of unwanted facial hair. Noticeable results are usually observed after 4-8 weeks of therapy. Application must be continued for as long as inhibition of hair growth is desired. Vaniqa continues to reduce facial hair growth for up to 8 weeks after discontinuing

Hair Removal with Laser

Laser treatment of various skin conditions has blossomed, as laser technology has become more understood. Hair removal is a common application of laser technology, but it is not permanent and not for everyone. Lasers work by emitting light at various wavelengths, energy output, and pulse widths.

The wavelength used determines the skin structure it will affect such as veins, melanin, or water. Most lasers used for hair removal target melanin and are therefore designed to burn structures that contain melanin. The more melanin, the more damage. It makes sense that laser hair removal works best for light-skinned people with dark hair. As with electrolysis, hair follicles in the anagen phase are more easily destroyed than those in the telogen phase. Therefore, laser treatments for hair removal must be repeated. At this time it appears that laser treatment, while not causing permanent destruction of all hair follicles, does retard the regrowth of new hair.

Hair Removal with Electrolysis

Electrolysis involves inserting a fine needle into the hair follicle and applying an electrical current to the follicle root. This procedure actually burns the hair root theoretically preventing it from producing more hair. Each hair follicle must be treated individually and may take several treatments to destroy the follicle.

Electrolysis is a permanent form of hair removal but it has several drawbacks. First, there are no standardized licensing guidelines for electrolysis so finding an experienced, effective technician is difficult requiring talking to clients who have experienced permanent results. Second, this method requires repeated treatments for up to 12 to 18 months. Hair follicles that are in the telogen phase are more difficult to destroy than hair follicles in the anagen phase.

Shaving approximately 3 days before an electrolysis treatment ensures that the hairs that are visible are in the anagen phase. Finally, side effects can include pain, infection, keloid formation (for people who are susceptible), hyperpigmentation, or hypopigmentation.
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Masdar – the city of the future

During the 2007 in the desert near the city of Abu Dhabi (capital of UAE) began the building of the world’s first environmentally friendly city – Masdar. The city will take up 6 square kilometers and around it a wall will be built to protect the city from wind. Masdar will entirely be powered by solar power and other types batteries that get their energy from naturally sustainable resources. This city will be something completely different and never seen before with its futuristic design, special and its artificial microclimate this will be the most comfortable place on Earth.

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Ghagra Choli Design for Wedding - Outstanding Photo Gallery

Ghagra Choli Design for Wedding - Outstanding Photo Gallery

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Sonakshi Sinha Latest Pictures

Sonakshi Sinha Latest Pictures

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Sonali Bendre, Abhishek at Omega watch launch

Abhishek, Sonali Bendre at Omega watch launch

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BMW Chariot Roadster is the real road warrior

BMW has great fan flowing, undoubtedly. The brand has inspired many designers to represent BMW in their own way. And on many occasions, we have come across some mindboggling concepts that remain in our memory forever. Here is a concept that you can’t help but admire. Christened as the BMW Chariot Roadster, the concept’s roots are in the past but the vehicle is futuristic. The info about the concept is scant and all we can tell you is it’s the brainchild of Mate Bartha who is inspired by the ancient chariot and helmets of ancient Greek warriors and made the concept accordingly.

All sleek and fierce roadster is visually divided and its front end represents the powerful horses, whereas the relatively small back with big wheels represents the chariot itself. Also, the joint like solution in the middle is inspired by body armors of the warriors and front light opening follow the eye cut in warriors’ helmets. All these things together make this vehicle the read road warrior.

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Makeup Solutions For Sensitive Skin: You Must Know

Makeup Solutions For Sensitive Skin: You Must Know

Makeup is considered to be a way of highlighting one’s features and enhance the way one looks. However, this may not be true for people who have sensitive skin. This is because every time they apply makeup on their face, they have to deal with acne and other skin related problems on the next day. This can be quite frustrating, especially for women who have to use makeup as a part of their everyday routine.

However, one need not have to worry anymore as companies manufacturing beauty products have come up with cosmetics and makeup products that suit people who have sensitive skin. So, if you have sensitive skin and are tired of dealing with the skin problems caused by regular makeup, it is necessary for you to know about sensitive skin makeup.

Having sensitive skin means you need to take extra care when purchasing makeup products. Avoid items that can irritate, dry your skin and clog your pores to help you use makeup properly without damaging your skin. Skin Care Guide notes some of the common symptoms of sensitive skin are tingling, tightening, reoccurring irritation, dryness and redness. Be sure to drink plenty of water and eat a balanced diet, as providing your body with the proper hydration and nutrition will help to promote and maintain healthy skin.

Silicone – Based Foundation

One of the golden rules of selecting the perfect foundation for sensitive skin is to choose the liquid formulas as these are rich in silicone which makes them more compatible with your complexion. Also, it is important to mention that these won’t generate acne as well as irritation so often as the solid ones. Besides pairing it to your skin type make sure it also suits your complexion tone. This way you’ll guarantee the spotless effect of your makeup base.

Water – Proof Products

Skip waterproof make up, is one of the basic tips when we deal with sensitive skin. Those who have a similar skin type would have to pay special attention to the fact that these product work with an ingredient that might need a harsher handling in order to be able to resist various effects and make up removers . Sebum is essential to fuel your skin with hydration therefore it is important to spare your complexion from any solutions that might eliminate this conditioning factor. Those who refuse to stick to this principle might expose their complexion to various damages.

Colored Eye Make Up

Indeed colorful and vibrating make up is in vogue, however no matter how stylish it would be it is still dangerous for those who have a sensitive complexion. Colored mascaras and eyeliners as professionals claim might produce some severe allergic reactions that would irritate the skin and could produce irreversible damages to the skin. Therefore black should be for you the safest option. Appeal to the skin friendly products to prevent any deterioration.

Pencil Eyeliner

Eyeliners come in various formulas both in liquid as well as pencil shape. However the ones that are the most suitable for sensitive skin are pencils since these are wax-based and that might be enriched with less preservatives and more pigments. Their liquid counterpart however might contain a high amount of latex which is often the main source of allergies. The sensitivity might not be as prominent in the case of wax as it is with latex. Moreover the removal of pencil eyeliners is also much easier and wouldn’t require the use of harsh chemicals and products.

Earth – Tone Eye Shadow

Surprisingly the shades that would protect sensitive skin from irritation are also extremely voguish this season. Earth tones as beige, brownish tones as well as a natural tan would all be included in the group of eye shadow shades that have the chance to cause the less irritation to the eyelids. Various experiments proved that these light tones would spare you from allergic reactions when exposed to the sun or other potential enemies.
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Artists craft Europe map from Lego blocks

Lego is an easy and fantastic way for artists to express their thoughts and craftsmanship. Some found stadiums a catchy idea while others go after monuments, but Bruno Kurth and Tobias Reichling picked a different theme altogether and crafted a Euromap. This art piece is built on 3,84 m x 3,84 m area and consumed 53.500 Lego pieces. The Euromap project took six months to come in the present form.

To make it more interesting, the artists embedded famous monuments of Europe over the map. There are 44 monuments on the map built by Vanessa Graf, Tanja Kusserow-Kurth, Torsten Scheer, Bruno Kurth and Tobias Reichling collectively.

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lovely twins Babies

lovely twins Babies

Nadine and Caroline tell it like it is

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Reema Sen in Saree

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