Cute Creative and Soft Toys

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The animal soft toys come in different shapes and sizes,so you can select the perfect animal soft toy as a nice and beautiful Valentine’s Day gift for your beloved.

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Hhair Care Tips for Women

Hhair Care Tips for Women & Girls: Beautiful hairs is the dream of every girl and women. Shiny, healthy hair is a reflection of a healthy body, so it’s like two for the price of one. Nutrition is the key to healthy hairs. Nutrition is the most effective way of getting awesome hair. Just like your body, your hair needs a balanced, nutritious diet rich in protein, minerals and vitamins to stay healthy. Some are gifted with naturally beautiful hair while others needs extra care for improving and maintaining them.

So, what should you do to make sure your hair stays healthy, shiny and strong? Here are some essential must-dos of great hair care tips for girls and women.

Basic Hair Care Tips for Women

1. To minimize breakage, make sure that your hair is thoroughly wet before applying shampoo. Use no more than a quarter-size dollop, and rub the shampoo between your palms first. Lather for no more than 30 seconds.
2. After shampooing, rinse your hair with cool water to seal moisture in the hair shafts.
3. To distribute the natural oils in your hair, bend over and brush your scalp and hair from back to front until the scalp tingles, then massage the scalp with your fingertips.
4. Towel-dry your hair thoroughly before using a blow dryer. You’ll save time and avoid damaging your hair with too much heat.
5. To cut down on static electricity, dampen your hairbrush before brushing.
6. Avoid using a brush on wet hair because it is subject to breakage. Comb out snarls.
7. If you suffer from a flaky scalp, try the following treatment every 2 weeks: Section your hair and rub the scalp with a cotton pad saturated with plain rubbing alcohol. Let the alcohol dry, then brush your hair and rinse thoroughly with warm water but don’t shampoo.
8. To perk up permed hair between shampoos, lightly mist your hair with fresh water and push the curls into place with your fingers.
9. Dull, lifeless hair can be a sign of a poor diet. Try cutting down on cholesterol and fats.
10. Wait at least 48 hours after coloring hair to shampoo it. Every time you wet hair you open the cuticle, so give hair time to seal in the color.
11. Beer can remove residue from your hair. Add 6 tablespoons beer to 1 cup warm water and pour it over your hair as a final rinse.
12. If your hair is prone to buildup from conditioners, styling gel, or hair spray, mix 1 tablespoon baking soda with your regular shampoo once a week. Rinse and dry as usual.
13. Use pomade sparingly to remove static, control flyaway ends, and add a glossy sheen to either straight or curly hair. Apply a very small amount to one hand, and liquefy it between your palms. Then run your hands through the hair. If braiding, apply before braiding and use it for small touch-ups.
14. Use gel after a braid is finished to smooth down loose or uncontrolled hairs. Apply it to your fingertip or to the end of a hairpin, directing it on top of the stray hairs to encourage them back into the braided pattern.
15. Use hair spray to hold the finished design in place. If you want a soft finish but need to control the hair, spray into the palm of your hand and then smooth over the surface of the hair to control flyaway strands.
16. Use a coated rubber band or a soft hair tie to secure ponytails and the ends of a braid to reduce the stress on the hair.
17. Use gel to control hair when you want a “wet” affect. Apply gel sparingly to your hair once styled. To use for braiding, apply it to all of the hair before you braid, or when you want a clean, off-the-face effect, you can apply it to the perimeter hairline where lengths tend to be shorter.
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The Best Day Photos

A selection of the best images from around the world?.they are totally stunning.lets enjoy

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2010 Ford Focus RS500

2010 Ford Focus RS500 news, pictures, and information

• Powerful new limited-edition Ford Focus RS500 for performance car enthusiasts
• Strictly limited run of 500 vehicles marks the end of current Focus RS production
• Tuned 350 PS, 2.5-litre 5-cylinder engine with 460 Nm of torque provides muscular performance
• Technical enhancements improve engine's breathing and combustion
• Upgraded powertrain teamed with class-leading chassis to deliver the definitive Focus RS driving experience
• Maximum visual impact with unique matt black 'foil' paint finish and matching 19-inch alloy wheels
• Premium specification for all vehicles, combining enhanced standard luxury equipment and special RS500 detailing
• Production run of 500 individually-numbered cars available for customer order across 20 European markets from May

A new and powerful limited edition Focus RS model, called the RS500, is being launched as the ultimate performance Ford and will provide the definitive driving experience for serious performance car enthusiasts.

Making its global debut at the 2010 Leipzig Motor Show in Germany on April 9, the new model has been given the RS500 designation to highlight its strictly-limited production run of 500 individually-numbered vehicles, all of which will be offered for customers to purchase.

The new Focus RS500 features a muscular 350 PS 2.5-litre 5-cylinder engine, which generates 15 per cent more power than the standard Focus RS and delivers truly exhilarating performance.

The RS500's breathtaking power is matched by an equally dramatic appearance. The limited edition model sports a unique matt black 'foil' paint finish with matching alloy wheels to deliver a powerful visual impact which is unlike any other production Ford.

'We were determined to mark the end of production for the current and acclaimed Focus RS with something even more special,' said Joe Bakaj, Ford of Europe's vice president for Product Development. 'From its stunning looks to its intoxicating performance, we have no doubt that the RS500 will be appreciated and quickly snapped up by performance car enthusiasts.

'This vehicle joins a long line of iconic RS Fords and is a worthy recipient of the RS500 name, which became synonymous with success on the road and track with the legendary Sierra RS500 Cosworth that dominated saloon car racing during the late 1980s,' Bakaj added.

Strictly Limited Production Run of 500 Individually Numbered Vehicles
The RS500 marks the end of production for the current generation Focus RS, with the last vehicles scheduled to leave Ford's Saarlouis Assembly Plant in Germany during September 2010.

While overwhelming customer demand has ensured that total Focus RS output is expected to exceed 11,000 units (significantly more than the 7,000 to 8,000 originally forecast), production of the RS500 will start at Ford's Saarlouis plant in Germany during May and will be strictly limited to 500 customer vehicles for twenty European markets.

Each RS500 will carry a metal plaque on the centre console, hand-engraved with a unique identification number from 001 to 500.

A small number of pre-production vehicles produced for internal Ford use – such as product development or press demonstrators – will have their own unique numbering scheme, to ensure the exclusivity of the 500 customer cars.

Upgraded 350 PS Powertrain
'The more urgent engine sound and sheer thrust of the mid-range performance tell the driver immediately that this is not a standard Focus RS,' said Gunnar Herrmann, Ford's Global C-Car Vehicle Line Director. 'With 15 per cent more power and the same gutsy, sporting character, our new powertrain gives the RS500 the special engine it deserves.'

To provide the RS500 with a fitting power unit, the 305 PS turbocharged Duratec RS 2.5-litre engine from the standard Focus RS has been upgraded to deliver significantly more top-end and mid-range power, but without compromising the base engine's strength and responsiveness at lower revs.

Peak power is increased by 45PS to 350PS at 6,000rpm, while torque has been increased from 440 to 460Nm, delivered across a broad speed range from 2,500 to 4,500rpm.

To achieve the required balance of muscular mid-range and top-end performance, the engine has benefitted from a comprehensive package of enhancements aimed at improving the engine's breathing and combustion.

The changes include a significantly larger air-to-air intercooler to deliver a cooler, denser charge; a larger air filter box for increased airflow; larger diameter exhaust downpipe; and an uprated fuel pump, along with an updated software calibration to optimise the performance of the revised engine.
'The engine's improved breathing has allowed us to increase power without having to raise turbo boost pressure significantly,' explained Herrmann. 'This has made it possible to enhance peak performance while maintaining the excellent driveability, fuel consumption and emissions of the standard Focus RS.'
Preliminary performance figures for the Focus RS500 indicate that it achieves 0-100km/h in 5.6 seconds, with a top speed similar to the 263 km/h in the standard RS.

Engineered by Performance Car Enthusiasts
The Focus RS500 engine has been modified by a team enthusiast engineers from Ford TeamRS in partnership with Revolve Technologies, the automotive engineering firm which develops Ford approved performance upgrades through its Mountune brand.
The shared development and testing programme ensured that the 350 PS Duratec RS engine achieved the specified performance targets while also delivering the standards of durability and serviceability expected by Ford RS customers.
The comprehensive engineering details already developed for the 305 PS Focus RS engine – including a revised cylinder head gasket, ultra-durable metal sprayed cylinder bores, revised pistons and new connecting rods – have ensured that no further mechanical changes were required to cope with the increased performance of the 350 PS RS500 unit.

Advanced Front Wheel Drive Chassis
A key factor in the success of the latest generation Focus RS has been its advanced front wheel drive chassis, which combines a wider track, the unique ‘RevoKnuckle' front suspension design and a Quaife helical limited slip differential to deliver responsive steering, outstanding traction and a minimum of unwanted torque steer.

The same chassis design has proved equally effective in handling the increased torque levels of the Focus RS500, and the specification is unchanged for this application, helping to retain the same sporting and responsive dynamic character which is central to the appeal of the acclaimed standard Focus RS.

The high-performance braking system, and the 19-inch wheels and 235/35/R19 tyres, are also carried over unchanged from the standard vehicle, although red brake calipers and a dramatic black finish for the alloy wheels are unique to the RS500.

Performance Tested to the Limit
In recognition of the extreme performance potential of the Focus RS500, the limited edition model has been subjected to a series of concentrated durability tests which have focused on the car's track capabilities.

The development programme included a dedicated endurance test at the infamous Nürburgring Nordschleife in Germany, where Ford TeamRS engineers were joined by three Ford-employed racing drivers working in shifts to complete 10,000km of non-stop driving, equivalent to competing in ten consecutive Nürburgring 24-hour races without a break.

'We wanted to be sure that serious enthusiasts could drive the Focus RS500 to the limit on track, without any concerns about the car's stamina,' said Matthias Tonn, Focus RS500 Chief Programme Engineer. 'This meant going beyond our standard test routines, and pushing the car to the edge of its performance envelope. After 500 non-stop laps of the Nürburgring, we are very confident of its durability and delighted at the way it performed, with an 8-minute lap time within reach'.

Unique Matt Black 'Foil' Paint Finish for Maximum Visual Impact
The standard Focus RS already creates a lasting impression with its functional yet striking design, but the unique matt black 'foil' paint finish of the Focus RS500 makes this limited edition car even more special.

Stunning matt black bodywork is combined with matching metallic black alloy wheels, and the gloss black finish of the trapezoidal lower front grille and splitter, twin-blade rear spoiler and the rear venturi, which manages airflow beneath the rear of the car.

Small flashes of colour around the vehicle – including the red brake calipers, blue RS badges, and the special blue and red RS500 badge on the tailgate – only serve to emphasise the car's unique appearance.

'We deliberately set out to ensure that the Focus RS500 looks like no other production vehicle,' added Tonn. 'With its dramatic black finish and imposing stance, this car really is mean, moody and magnificent!'

The matt black foil finish for the RS500 was developed in partnership with the technology company 3M, which specialises in advanced film products for the automotive industry.

All Focus RS500 vehicles will be painted in a standard Panther Black metallic colour, before being shipped to a dedicated 3M facility near Frankfurt, Germany, where a special foil film will be applied to the bodywork to create the matt black effect.

The film is extremely durable, and is specifically designed to resist superficial marks and scratches in automotive applications. In the event of damage to the bodywork, Ford dealers will be fully supported by a Europe-wide network of 3M agents who can replace the film on the affected panels.

Special Focus RS500 Interior Detailing
Attention to detail on the RS500 exterior is also reflected inside the car, with a series of special features which are unique to this limited edition model.

The centre console is distinguished by the car's individually-numbered metal plaque, and by a unique carbon-effect finish to the bezel which carries a distinctive RS pattern.

In contrast to the blue detailing on the standard Focus RS, the RS500 features a special red colour scheme, notably on the stitching of the leather trim on the steering wheel, door trim and gear lever gaiter, and on the floor mats.
Customers also have the option of specifying the bespoke Recaro front sports seats in full red leather, to further enhance the visual impact.

Premium Specification for All Vehicles
All Focus RS500 vehicles will be equipped to a very high specification as standard, with only two features available as optional items. In addition to the comprehensive equipment levels on the standard Focus RS, the RS500 includes the following features as standard:
• Dual-zone automatic climate control
• Heated windscreen
• Rear parking distance sensors
• Tyre deflation detection system
• Automatic headlights and rain-sensing wipers
• Auto dimming rear-view mirror
• Ford key-free start
• Enhanced connectivity with Bluetooth®, voice control and USB port
• Sony 6-CD audio system
• Recaro sports front seats with partial leather trim
The two optional features are touchscreen DVD navigation and audio system, and the full leather Recaro front seats in red.

'We believe that customers lucky enough to secure one of the limited edition Focus RS500 models will be getting a real collectors item,' said Joe Bakaj. 'From its stunning looks, to its immense driver appeal and its complete specification, the Focus RS500 provides enthusiasts with the ultimate performance Ford for the road.'

Source - Ford

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Jacqueline Fernandez & Sophie at IIFA Cricket Images

Jacqueline Fernandez & Sophie at IIFA Cricket Images

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Acer Aspire Z5710 All-In-One Desktop PC

The All-In-One desktop PC, Acer Aspire Z5710 combines performance for entertainment and multi-touch. This new machine established on the basis of processor Intel Core i7/i5/i3, equipped with up to 8 GB of memory DDR3 and a hard drive of SATA interface with up to 1.5 terabytes.

Touch screen TVs 23 inches with a resolution of Full HD (1920×1080) supports recognition technology for multiple simultaneous touches MultiTouch, Dolby Home Theater v3 with 5.1-channel HD surround sound support. It is also equipped with a slot-in optical drive, multi card reader, HDMI port and optical TV-tuner.

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