The World Is Just Awesome

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The World Is Just Awesome

To all fans of the whole world and all its sights and sounds

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Tips to help you to control your high blood pressure

Tips to help you to control your high blood pressure

Make sure your blood pressure is under 140/90 mm Hg
If your systolic pressure is over 140, ask your doctor what you can do to lower it. If you have diabetes it is even more important to maintain your blood pressure at an acceptable level, which reduces long-term complications associated with this disease process. You should be receiving regular monitoring and advice from you GP/diabetic practitioner.

Aim for a healthy weight
Ideally try not to gain extra weight in the first place, if you have then try to lose the weight slowly, at about half to one pound a week until you reach a healthy target. This can be easier to achieve if you include exercise as well to burn off those unwanted calories and tone your body as you lose the weight.

If you are overweight or obese, carrying this extra weight increases your risk of high blood pressure because the heart has to work very hard to keep blood circulating efficiently.

Exercise - be active every day!
Even the simplest exercise will help; you can walk, dance, use the stairs, play sports, or do any activity you enjoy. For instance: get off the bus one or two stops early; park your car at the other end of the car park and walk; walk or cycle to the corner shop.

Being physically active is one of the most important steps you can take to prevent or control high blood pressure and will help you keep your weight down. It will also help to reduce your risk of heart disease and enhances overall wellbeing. All you need to do is 30 minutes of moderate level activity preferably every day of the week - you can even divide the 30 minutes into shorter 10 minute periods if you are not used to regular exercise.

Exercise does not have to be strenuous; you should start slowly and build up the amount of exercise that you do.

It is not advisable, however, to lift heavy weights or to take on certain strenuous activities if exercise has not been gradually and appropriately introduced. If you are worried that your health could be adversely affected by exercise, i.e. you have a heart complaint; make sure that you are reviewed by your GP.

Look at what you are eating. Does it contain a lot of sodium?
It is suggested that no more than 2.4 grams of sodium should be consumed per day. Read the labels and be aware of hidden sodium, which is known to increase blood pressure. Try not to add salt to your meals.

Eat more fruit and vegetables
Eating more fiber should help to stop you feeling hungry and less likely to pick at sweets, chocolate and crisps etc.

Stop/reduce smoking - smoking causes the blood to thicken
Not only does this make you more at risk of developing a dangerous blood clot but it makes the heart work harder in order to 'push' the blood around the system to provide oxygen and other important components.

Reduce your stress levels
Take time out for yourself each day to do something you like to do without feeling guilty. If there are any problems worrying you try talking them over with a friend, or someone you trust, this is often all that is needed to make you feel better. Also remember if you wear a smile, it will rub off on others. Try it and see!

Watch your alcohol intake
Keep the amount of units you consume to a minimum, as your body works hard to flush it out of your system and this will have an effect on your blood pressure (plus it will increase your weight).

It is recommended that men limit themselves to no more than one or two drinks per day and women should have no more than one drink per day.

Take medication correctly
If you have been prescribed medication from your GP to control your blood pressure, make sure that you take the medication correctly and visit your GP regularly for your blood pressure to be monitored effectively.

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Why do our eyes turn red in photographs

Why do our eyes turn red in photographs

Why do our eyes turn red in photographs. Kasey-Dee Gardner finds out why.

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Funny Police Video

Funny Police Video

Just How sily the police can be when there been a flood you would think they would have some commen sence

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Pineapple Juice Benefits

Pineapple Juice Benefits

Pineapple juice has always been a favorite drink among people. Let us see what some of the pineapple juice benefits are:

Tangy-sweet, ridgy crystals and the sinfully rich yellow color! The perfect blend of the tropics and a holiday, wouldn’t you say? I can just see you now – A sun kissed beach and you with a tall glass of chilled pineapple juice, a bright pink drink umbrella and a pineapple wedge adorning the glass. And all that made possible because of a single glass of pineapple juice. Now let’s get one thing straight, you don’t really need a holiday to enjoy a tall glass of pineapple juice, you can do it any which way. In fact, the magic of the pineapple juice is such that it plays magic. You could just close your eyes and sit sipping a glass and voila! You’ll see yourself on a holiday! OK, so the ethereal feel we are done with. Now let’s look at some pineapple juice benefits, shall we? Because of course there are those. Read more on pineapple nutrition facts.

Benefits of Pineapple Juice

There are numerous pineapple juice health benefits for the taking. Pineapple juice tastes good, we know, but it would taste even better if you knew the pineapple juice benefits that came with it and the favor you were doing to your body. So here goes, these are some of the pineapple juice benefits:

Rich in Antioxidants
The pineapple fruit belongs to the bromelain family which is a highly nutritious, protein digesting enzyme. It is also a rich source of vitamin C. Both bromelain and vitamin C are rich in antioxidants which help the body fight against free radicals and help in the overall healing of the body.

Packed with Nutrients
Pineapple health benefits include the fact that it is loaded with potassium, calcium, fiber, vitamin C and magnesium (among others). Thus it is packed with varied nutrients that are needed for our health. It is also beneficial for all age groups.

Promotes Bone Health
Magnesium that is present in the pineapple juice helps in building of bones and connective tissue. So also, pineapple juice being an excellent source of calcium helps in the strengthening of bones. It therefore promotes and maintains bone health.

Aids Digestive System Functioning
As mentioned earlier, pineapple juice contains bromelain which is responsible for breaking down the protein in our bodies. This helps with effective digestion and is therefore important for the digestive health. In addition to that, pineapple juice also contains fiber which is extremely important to induce regular bowel movements. It is also said that pineapple juice helps with eradicating intestinal worms. Pineapple juice benefits also include the fact that it is a natural diuretic. Which means that it helps to get rid of the excess buildup of toxins and wastes from the kidney and liver.

Improves Immunity
Pineapple juice strengthens the immune system greatly. Being rich in vitamin C, it helps in preventing the onset of common coughs and colds, sore throats and even severe conditions like bronchitis, thus maintaining a healthy respiratory system.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties
Pineapple juice also has anti-inflammatory properties so that it helps to heal infections and wounds better.

Other Benefits

    * It has minimal quantities of fat, sodium and no cholesterol. In that way it is an extremely healthy choice to make for people who are trying to focus on a healthy diet for some weight loss, or maintain an ideal weight.
    * It helps in the smooth functioning of the heart by reducing the occurrence of blood clots in the blood stream.
    * It also has vitamin B1 which is important for converting blood sugar into raw energy.
    * Pineapple juice benefits those people who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. It reduces swellings and pains that are a part of arthritis.
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Heavenly Havens

Heavenly Havens

A selection of our favorite exotic island photos submitted to MY SHOT by National Geographic readers.

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