High Cholesterol Prevention Methods – Simple and Easy Ways

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High Cholesterol Prevention Methods – Simple and Easy Ways

 Eating a diet low in saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterol, getting plenty of exercise, managing your weight, and not smoking can help prevent high cholesterol.

Because cholesterol levels tend to increase with age, paying attention to diet and exercise is particularly important as you get older.

If you have high cholesterol, your doctor may prescribe one of the following drugs to lower LDL cholesterol levels.

Your physician or dietician will also probably suggest that you change your diet to one low in fat, maintain a healthy weight, get on a regular exercise program, and stop smoking.

High Blood Cholesterol Prevention

Adoption of a healthier lifestyle, including aerobic exercise and a low-fat diet should reduce the prevalence of obesity, high cholesterol, and, ultimately, the risk of coronary heart disease.

    * Knowing your cholesterol number is the first step in controlling your levels.
    * Set dietary goals based on the guidelines from the National Cholesterol Education Program.Strive for daily intake of less than 7% of your calories from saturated fat and less than 200 mg of cholesterol from the food you eat.
    * You may eat up to 30% of your calories from total fat, but most should be from unsaturated fat, which doesn’t raise cholesterol levels.
    * Add more soluble fiber (found in cereal grains, beans, peas, and many fruits and vegetables) and foods that contain plant stanols and sterols (included in certain margarines and salad dressings) to boost your LDL-lowering power. The best way to know what’s in the foods you eat is to read the nutrition label.
    * Lower cholesterol levels start at the grocery store. Read food labels, and buy foods low in saturated fat and low in cholesterol.
    * Work with your health care practitioner to determine whether medication is needed to control high cholesterol.
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36 Foot Tall Meerkat Statue Made of Straw - England

36 Foot Tall Meerkat Statue Made of Straw - England

A 36-foot-tall meerkat statue made of straw has appeared on a field, in Chester, England, drawing the attention of drivers on the A51 motorway. The idea of a meerkat statue was inspired by a popular commercial in the UK, and since everyone loves these creatures, it seemed like a good idea. The public certainly loves the overgrown meerkat, and most people say they feel cheered up just looking at it.

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World's Largest Fountain of Wealth in Singapore

World's Largest Fountain of Wealth in Singapore

This is the largest fountain in the world, with a base area of 1,683 sq. m. The fountain is a brilliant architecture’s work fused with modern concepts. It is anchored by a convention center – Suntec City that forms the wrist of the left hand. The five office buildings represent its thumb and fingers.

Four 13 m high bronze legs support a huge bronze ring measuring 21 m in diameter. It weighs a hefty 85 tones. The ring shoots water inwards into the reservoir below while at the heart of the fountain, water shoots up to 30 m into the air.

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Cobalt Aircraft Co50 Concept Plane

Cobalt Aircraft Co50 Concept Plane

The French company, Cobalt Aircraft, has unveiled what comes out to be an answer to the wide selection of fast, personal airplanes from companies like Cirrus and Cessna: Cobalt Co50 Concept. Screaming through the sky with the next generation piston powered turbocharged engine, Co50 features TCM’s 350-hp twin-turbo-charged TSIOF-550-D2B that enables it to hit 245 KTAS at 8,000 feet with a range of more than 1150 miles.

Concept plane features clean sheet design, one of the widest cabins in its class at 1.34m, hand-stitched leather upholstery adding more to its elegance and style while ensuring safety at the same time. The concept plane was showed up at in Oshkosh isn’t quite done yet and lot more remains incomplete before it finally takes to the skies.

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Aubrey Plaza Cute Pictures

Aubrey Plaza Pictures

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Preetika Rao Cute Photos

Preetika Rao Cute Photos

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New Sanyo Xacti VPC-SH1 and VPC–CS1 Reviews

We continue with the renovation of compact camcorders, if you were teaching yesterday the new Sony and Kodak playsport Bloggies ZX3, water resistant, it is his turn now to two representatives of Sanyo Xacti family, for my historically a step above as the other chambers of small size.

Specifically you talk about the models VPC-SH1 and VPC-CS1, the first in the usual format of the Xacti pistol and the second with a more traditional ways. I remind us that Sanyo sells its cameras as dual driver with excellent capabilities in Full HD (1920 × 1980 60i) and striking results when you take pictures.

The Sanyo Xacti VPC-SH1 has a 35mm lens, wide angle, and a 30X optical zoom. If the size of last year’s model (higher end), the Sanyo Xacti FH1 was compact, the new one is even smaller.

The Sanyo Xacti VPC-CS1 has a 38mm lens, also wide angle and 10x optical zoom. In this case, size reduction is even more complicated, look at the comparison with the range-topping success and Sanyo Xacti HD2000.

Having noted the reduction in size, we can report that the specifications are still to high. They have also decided to change the native recording format MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, as previous models worked with older formats and complicated to manipulate.

In the case of the Xacti VPC-CS1 can capture images at 3 megapixels (8MP interpolated) and the more traditional model VPC-SH1 up to 4 megapixels (10MP interpolation). Both have flash support.

Other points to note are a new feature Gun Mode in which the microphone is in line with what we are targeting, image stabilization, face recognition, the ability to connect the camera through the mini-HDMI port, or the storage system chosen SDXC cards.

I do not know if during the ESC has more updates in the Xacti range, for now we are left with these two models in the U.S. market in February, at a price of 399.99 dollars for the Xacti VPC-SH1 (in red or black) and 299.99 dollars for the Xacti VPC-CS1 (in silver).

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