Top 7 Small Business Start Up Money Seeking Mistakes

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Top 7 Small Business Start Up Money Seeking Mistakes

Small business start up money is a highly sought after commodity as more and more people are trying their luck at self employment.

Statistically, the odds of small business start up success is less than 20% within a 5 year period.

A large part of the reason for getting your loan request turned down, and the basic reason start ups end up failing in large numbers in the first place, is the mistakes made when seeking financing.

Here are my top 7 small business startup money seeking mistakes.

Mistake #1 - No borrower risk. The biggest single mistake I see with people seeking startup capital is that they ask a lender for 100% of their capital requirements.

Risk needs to be shared between borrower and lender. Startup situations, depending on their nature, typically require the borrower to invest anywhere from 30% to 50% of the total capital required into the deal.

A personal equity investment not only reduces the cost of borrowing but also provides some serious skin into the deal that indicates a strong commitment on behalf of the borrower.

Mistake #2 - Purposeful Business Plan. For most small business start up money, a business plan is a required part of the appplication.

Fundamentally, this is an important requirement for someone getting into any business. Unfortunately, most borrowers look at this strictly as an academic exercise to get financing with the only purpose of completing the business plan being to satisfy a lender requirement.

A business plan should aways be prepared from the point of view that the primary benefactor of the process of creation and preparation is the underlying business. If this approach were taken more often, start up situations would acheive greater success, faster.

Mistake #3 - Poor Working Capital Projections. Start up situations tend to intensively focus on the assets they need to acquire, the space they're going to lease, the leasehold improvement cost, and other initial expenditure outlays required to get the business up and running.

What tends to be either missed entirely or poorly estimated is the relistic cash flow required to operate the business until such time as the business can sustain itself on a month to month basis.

Part of the reason for this is a working assumption that the business will immediately be cash flow positive in the first month of operations. In most cases this doesn't happen, the shortfalls are financed by personal credit cards because of the lack of planned working capital, and the borrowers end up in credit card hell, paying high interest rates with potentially no way out.

Unfortunately, creating more realistic, and potentially conservative cash flows may indicate that you don't have enough money to actually get started, so the temptation is to be overly optimistic in order to make the numbers work, which statistics show is a bad idea more often than not.

Mistake #4 - No Real Marketing Plan. For most retail and service start ups, the marketing plan consists of placing some advertising, offering some grand opening specials, and sitting back and waiting for the flood of customers. Advertising can be very expensive and if you don't know what you're doing, you can burn through all your available cash pretty quickly.

From the financier's point of view, they want you to be able to clearly articulate what you're going to do and why its supposed to work along with the related costs. Lenders aren't typically any good at assessing marketing plans, but they can likely tell if one is missing or grossly incomplete/unrealistic.

One of the most powerful ways to support your marketing strategy and related tactics is with written orders or letters of interest, or letters of intent to do business with you once you open.

Mistake #5 - No Rationale For Key Assumptions. Even if you have a plan and realistic cash flow projections, part of being credible is articulating what you're attempting to do in a logical and clear to understand format so that someone who potentially knows nothing about you're business can follow along.

If a request for small business start up money is logical and contains well documented assumptions, it automatically stands out from the pack.

Be clear on how you came up with each and every number you represent in your application package and why you feel they are relevant to your business case.

Mistake #6 - No Expertise and Support Team. One of the first questions that goes through any lender's mind when someone asks them for small business start up money is whether or not the person requesting financing has the knowledge, expertise, and support to make the business successful.

Too often, individuals do not document and support their own expertise relative to the business venture. This can be done through a resume, examples of previous related work experience, letters of reference, a list of contacts that can provide verbal reference, etc.

Outside of your own skill set, what type of team have you assembled to support your efforts? In many cases, small businesses can start out with no employees outside of the proprietor(s). But you can still have a virtual team which can include an accountant, bookkeeper, lawyer, marketing coach, technology service support, and so on.

Mistake #7 - Poor Presentation. The discussions you have with a lender and the information you provide to them either inspires them with confidence or turns them off.

It may take weeks to get a loan approval, but it can take meer seconds to loose any realistic chance of even being seriously considered.

Outside of the obvious need for good grooming, neatness, and punctuality, the presentation process usually falls apart because the presenter is not sufficiently prepared to impress the heck out of the lender.

But making a good impression is not just about being enthusiastic and confident in your delivery, its also about being able to articulate the details of what you're trying to do and why it would be a good investment for the lender.
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Get Foods That Prevent Skin Cancer – Diet(Food)

Get Foods That Prevent Skin Cancer – Diet(Food)

Skin cancer and premature skin aging from the sun are preventable with sunscreen and by eating the right foods. A focus on the right foods offers protection from sunburn and skin cancer, from the inside out. Foods that attack free radicals in the body and reduce inflammation can keep us looking younger and protect from sunburn that leads to skin cancer, pre-cancerous skin changes.

A wide variety of specific foods like fresh fruits, vegetables and natural whole grains have been recognized as valuable in fighting skin cancer. Due to phytochemical makeups, these types of foods best protect the body from cancer and fight back against it. Low-fat foods and high-fiber foods are the crowned champions of warding off cancer through diet. As fiber influences the intestines to move more quickly, carcinogenic toxins are not allowed to accumulate or sit for too long within vital organs. Eat these foods steadily and you’ll be fighting the good fight against skin cancer.

Foods that are rich in antioxidants and Vitamins C and E are the best skin cancer prevention food. Following a diet that is plentiful with skin cancer prevention food can not only stave off skin cancer, but can also aid in fighting other cancers as well as diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Antioxidants work by reducing the energy of free radicals and by possibly stopping free radicals from forming within the body. Antioxidants also stop the oxidizing chain reaction, which in turn minimizes the damage caused by free radicals.

According to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the following foods are highest in cancer-fighting anti-oxidants:

    * Red Kidney Beans

    * Blueberries

    * Pinto Beans

    * Cranberries

    * Artichoke Hearts

    * Blackberries

    * Prunes

    * Raspberries

    * Strawberries

    * Apples

    * Pecans

    * Cherries

    * Plums

    * Russet Potatoes

    * Black Beans

Antioxidants can also be found in poultry, fish, and grains. If adequate antioxidants cannot be consumed through diet, it is possible to find over-the-counter antioxidant supplements. The best antioxidant supplements are included with a multivitamin, as many vitamins are also thought to reduce the risk of developing skin cancer.

Other foods that are said to be specifically helpful in fighting cancer are:

    * Avocadoes

    * Broccoli

    * Brussels Sprouts

    * Cabbage

    * Carrots

    * Cauliflower

    * Chili Peppers

    * Figs

    * Flax

    * Grapefruits

    * Jalapenos

    * Kale

    * Lemons

    * Licorice Root

    * Mushrooms

    * Nuts

    * Olive Oil

    * Oranges

    * Papayas

    * Raspberries

    * Red Wine

    * Rosemary

    * Seaweed

    * Soy

    * Sweet Potatoes

    * Tapioca

    * Tomatoes

    * Tumeric

    * Turnips

Green tea is also said to be a great source of antioxidants. Daily consumption of brewed green tea can help to prevent the occurrence of skin and other types of cancers. Black tea is also highly touted as a cancer fighting beverage. Adequate consumption of water, at least 64 ounces each day, is also thought by some to aid in the fight against developing skin cancer.

The best way to be sure that you are eating a diet rich with skin cancer prevention food is to make sure that you consume adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables. Avoid over-indulging in red meats and gain protein from beans and nuts. You can also season foods with spices such as garlic, cinnamon, cloves, and oregano, which are all reputed to contain cancer fighting properties.

Along with a diet rich in skin cancer prevention food, it is wise to consider eliminating or drastically reducing the consumption of alcohol and tobacco. Both alcohol and tobacco use have been linked to an increase in certain types of cancers, including skin cancer. Once this healthy lifestyle is established, you should also consider adopting a regular exercise routine that includes cardiovascular workouts. This type of exercise allows blood to circulate through the body more freely and is highly linked with a decrease in occurrence of cancer as well as many other diseases.
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Understanding the Effects of Skin Cancer on The Body

Understanding the Effects of Skin Cancer on The Body

A person is considered as having skin cancer when there is an abnormal growth of skin cells, which most typically occurs as a result of skin being overexposed to the sun. There are also many other factors that are considered as being able to cause skin cancer however, so sunlight is not the only factor responsible here. There are actually three basic types of skin cancer which are: basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma.

Melanoma is considered as being the most serious and severe form of the three, and is also more difficult to diagnose and treat. It affects the deeper layers of the skin and also has the greatest potential to spread to other tissues in the body.

One of the most frightening facts of all regarding skin cancer is that all three of these types of skin cancer are on the rise, in both adults and children. However they can be prevented by limiting or avoiding exposure to ultraviolent radiation, engaging in proper and regular exercise, and paying attention to any suspicious changes in your skin.

Effects of Skin Cancer

When it comes to the effects of skin cancer, there are many. The effects of skin cancer on a particular patient will depend on a few factors, namely if they have the following conditions or characteristics: light skin color, history of severe sunburn, family history of skin cancer, large dark-colored birthmarks, and HIV.

The effects of skin cancer can be incredibly damaging to anyone however, especially if it is left unnoticed and untreated for an extended period of time. This is because the longer skin cancer – or any type of cancer for that matter – is left untreated, the longer it is able to negatively affect the body and possibly spread to other parts of the body as well.

Although there is no surefire way of preventing skin cancer, there are many preventive and precautionary steps that you can take in order to guard yourself against skin cancer and its effects as best as possible.

If you do end up developing the disease however, it is important that you get yourself in to see your doctor as soon as possible in order to discuss the available methods of treatment and what the best treatment plan is going to be for you and your particular condition.

Your health care provider will continue to check you regularly even after treatment, particularly by looking for any new, changed, or unusual moles or spots on your skin.
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Are You A Housewife? Want to Earn Money Online on your Spare Time?

Are You A Housewife? Want to Earn Money Online on your Spare Time?

A Guide for Housewives on How to Earn Online Money

If your husband has left you or your family thinks you have no worth beyond your domestic skills. You feel bad about yourself and self-esteem has long been taken out from your vocabulary. Well life isn’t as bad as the TV show, but if you’re looking for a sense of purpose beyond what your housewife status then you can find a great way to express yourself and make a dime or two using the internet.

This one is dedicated to all the housewives of couples out there, while I may never be one myself, I certainly appreciate and honor your contribution and believe that with the internet today you will be a strong force in the years to come. If anything, it’s important to realize that today there are millions of single operators, home operators (SOHO) making a very good living through the internet, here are some idea’s to get you started.

Money Matters

It’s a sad fact in the world that most of the time, how much you’re earning becomes the basis of your value as a person self-worth and net worth are collapsed upon each other. And unfortunately for housewives, their cup may run over with love, selflessness, and intelligence, but as long as they’re relegated to washing the dishes and with no visible means of income – they are commonly overlooked in other peoples most respected list. Yet the role is critical to the family unit and without this role the term family would be very loose indeed. In today’s world, that doesn’t mean throw ambitions out the window, on the contrary, it means that you can earn a great income from home around managing your other responsibilities.

Change Your Life with the Internet

You do, however, have the power to change all of that and you won’t even have to leave your home, with an internet connection and a little guidance you can make a couple of hundred dollars through to thousands of dollars each week. You don’t need to turn over all your housewife responsibilities all at once. You don’t even have to feel guilty that you won’t be able to spend enough time with your kids because that’s the beauty of working online from home.

The Internet allows you to recreate your own office straight from your home, continue with life as it is now, but by spending a little bit of time here and there on your project you can start earning a nice little income. The Internet gives you the chance to earn money easily and 100% legally and in the manner you enjoy the most.

Life before Marriage

What was your job before your present occupation as a housewife? Did you enjoy doing it or not? If you had married right after graduating from college then just think about what subjects or interests you had when you were still a student. In other words, think about the skills, talents, and abilities that you had way back but allowed to become rusty after marriage.

Your pre-marriage skills are what are going to make you money in the Internet. If you were a writer before, you can become an online copywriter and write only in your spare time. If you were an accountant before, you can start tutoring kids online and help them with their math assignments or be a virtual assistant to small companies outsourcing their accounting functions. Whatever skills you have, you’re sure to find someone needing it – for the right price – in the Internet. Just have patience browsing.

Profiting from Being a Housewife

Now, say you don’t have any skills before your marriage. Don’t worry! You can still use your housewife resume to make money online.

If you love cooking, you can start selling some of your homemade favorites online. You can also offer to host cooking courses at home or via the Internet with the use of a webcam. You can also make cooking video tutorials and charge per download.

Secondly, you can create a blog or website that offers valuable tips for aspiring housewives and women who are about to marry or become mothers. You write what you know, and you get paid for it through advertising. That’s not such a bad way of earning money either.

It’s amazing what shows up once you have made the decision to run an internet business, opportunities arise and it can all come together very quickly with a committed decision. A great question to ask yourself is ‘If time and money weren’t an issue, what would you do for work?’ Great! Now do the research to see if it will be viable online!

The Internet always appreciates talent, and your housewife skills and abilities aren’t exceptions to the rule. Just be patient: money may start with a trickle and can always grow from there.
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Helicopter Static - Electricity Phenomenon

Helicopter Static - Electricity Phenomenon

Military helicopter creates a stunning show while initiating an impossible static electrical discharge, spectacular phenomenon for all the lucky viewers on site.It would be great if I had one of those and a desert with lots of sand in the air. Meanwhile, enjoy the photos. Luckily someone had a camera, and probably, a permission to take photos of this amazing light show, so that we may enjoy this as well.

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Solar Tower for the 2016 Olympic Games - Rio de Janeiro

Solar Tower for the 2016 Olympic Games - Rio de Janeiro

The challenge was to design a vertical structure on the island of
Cotonduba that in addition to serving as an observation tower would
become a symbol of welcome to newcomers in Rio either by sea or by
air once it has been host city of 2016 Olympic Games.

Designed by RAFA firm headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, it is called
"Solar City Tower, this structure was chosen in response to the initial
proposal and it has the potential to generate enough energy not only for
the Olympic city, but also for part of the city of Rio.

Its design makes it stores solar energy during the day thanks to signs at
ground level, while the surplus energy produced is piped to pump sea
water within tower giving the effect of a waterfall outside. This water is
reused simultaneously by turbines which are designed to produce energy
during the night

These characteristics give it the epithet tower generator which is intended
as a continuation of some of the resolutions taken during the Earth
Summit United Nations in 1992 that took place in Rio and also promotes
the use of natural resources in energy among these people.

The tower also has an amphitheater, an auditorium, cafeteria and shops
accessible on the ground floor where you can take an elevator that leads
to various observatories and a retractable platform for the practice of

At the top of the tower, it will be possible to appreciate the scenery
around the island where she will be erected and its waterfall will
become a benchmark for 2016 and the city of Rio de Janeiro.

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Coke Man - The Art Of Coca Cola Crates

Coke Man - The Art Of Coca Cola Crates

Cock Man” is an innovative sculpture that is made entirely with 2,500 used Coca-Cola crates. Looking like a Lego statue, this massive Coke Man weighs 25 tones and stands 16.5 meter tall. Placed in the Fan Park, Johannesburg, the sculpture apart from being a creative piece of art also helps in sustaining the environment by recycling old Coke crates.

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How to Brush Teeth

How to Brush Teeth

Brushing twice a day is the easiest way to avoid cavities and gum disease, but are you doing it the right way? Learn the technique professionals recommend for the best cleaning.

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OST of Ijazat by Rahat Fateh Ali - ARY One Video

OST of Ijazat by Rahat Fateh Ali - ARY One Video

Song is composed by Farrukh Abid and Shoaib Farrukh sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for ARY drama serial Ijazat.

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Asia's biggest waterfall in India

Asia's biggest waterfall in India

Chitrakoot Falls are located 38kms west of Jagdalpur. The Falls are formed by the waters of River Indirawati. Falling at an height of 96 ft, these are most sought after falls in the local area. The magnanimity of the Falls can be found with the huge voice they produce in the rainy months of mid – July to mid September.

Chitrakoot Falls are located in Chitrakoot which also happens to a religious pilgrimage of Hindus. Thousand s of pilgrimers who come here for Hari Darshan take a round about of the falls. Sitting here for hours gives them a sense of relief from the long walks they had taken to reach this place.

Chitrakoot Falls are also a favorite picnic spot for many. But one has to maintain a sufficient of half a kilometer from the falls as the speed of the Falls is very much. One has to be very cautious in the rainy season as the rocks surrounding the Falls happen to be greasy and slippery in this season. Chitrakoot Falls are known for their picturesque surroundings. This makes them a good place for Photography.

Most of the travellers come here to find peace and tranquility. In the morning hours, you can find people doing Holistic Therapies like Meditation. Various Ayurvedic Centers like Aroyadham are located near the Chitrakoot Falls. One has to be very cautious as the stream of water is very fast flowing.

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Best Of Denise Richards

Best Of Denise Richards

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Ushoshi Sengupta - Miss India 2010

A Kolkata girl, Ushoshi Sengupta won Miss India title “I Am She”. On 23rd August, 2010 she represents India in Miss Universe 2010 at Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, USA. Ushoshi Sengupta is also one of the contestants of Gladrags Miss Tourism 2008, a beauty contest which was organized by Maureen Wadia.

Mini profile of Miss India 2010 Ushoshi Sengupta:

    * Birthdate: 30 July 1988
    * Birthplace: Kolkata, West Bengal, India
    * Height: 172 cm/ 5”7
    * Eye color: black
    * Hair color: black
    * Weight: 52.5 kg
    * Ushoshi Sengupta’s Birth Sun Sign: Sinha / Simha / Leo!!!

Miss India 2010 Ushoshi Sengupta : Wiki, Photos & Biography

Ushoshi Sengupta was born on 30th July, 1988. Ushoshi Sengupta completed her Bachelors in Humanities from St. Xavier’s University and plans to become an actress in mainstream Bollywood. She has passed out from the school K.V.Ballygunje, Kolkata, where she was a brilliant student and she is a very active girl. Prior to becoming Miss India Universe, she has done several ads and walked the ramp. She was offered a scholarship to an engineering college because she excelled at mathematics, but decided to pursue liberal arts and the modeling profession.

Ushoshi Sengupta said, “I believe in dreaming and making my dreams come true. I love watching movies, listening to good music and painting. It has been my childhood dream of becoming Miss India. And that’s what made me enter this pageant. I believe the world comes together to make your dreams come true, if you believe it has to happen.”

Snaps of Ushoshi Sengupta:

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