Then and Now

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Then and Now

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How to Keep Teeth White Naturally

How to Keep Teeth White Naturally

There are many effective methods of teeth whitening available, but some come with heavy price tags. Here are some steps you can take at home to whiten teeth naturally without breaking the bank.

Things You’ll Need:

Lemon Juice
Baking soda
Hydrogen peroxide

Step 1:

Limit your consumption of drinks that stain tooth enamel. A few of these include coffee, tea and red wine. If you simply can't cut back on these beverages, consider drinking them though a straw to limit the amount of liquid that actually comes in contact with teeth.

Step 2:

Brush your teeth immediately after eating, especially if eating foods that stain easily, such as berries.

Step 3:

Rub raw strawberries on your teeth, preferably pureed. There is an enzyme in strawberries that acts as a whitening agent. You'll want to brush and rinse after applying the strawberries to remove the natural sugars and acids they may leave behind.

Step 4:

Eat crunchy foods that require a lot of chewing such as carrots, celery, broccoli and apples. These foods are abrasive and will remove built up plaque, which dulls the appearance of teeth.

Step 5:

Dip your toothbrush directly into baking soda and brush. The results are worth the lousy taste.

Step 6:

Combine lemon juice and one teaspoon of salt to make a paste-like substance. Brush your teeth and rinse. Again, not so pleasant on the palate, but your teeth will thank you.

Step 7:

Use hydrogen peroxide to brush your teeth. Dip your toothbrush into a small capful of the peroxide and brush as you would with regular toothpaste, being careful not to swallow. Rinse with water.

- Tips -

Consider using one of the several whitening toothpastes on the market that have all-natural ingredients.
Brushing after every meal and flossing regularly are the first steps in maintaining a healthy smile.
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Guatemala, Life under the Volcano

A truly befitting phrase for a country which has more than 30 volcanoes, 33 to be exact strewn across its realm. Guatemala is full of charm, splendid views of natural beauty and certain eeriness before any of these volcanoes, which look over the country, erupt and disrupt the routine life from time to time. Guatemala is full of surprises as there are meandering ways leading to the jungles, winding paths leading to the highlands that were once the home of the famous Mayan dynasty and the rumbling not of the lions but the earth beneath.

The Guatemalan people have got thick-skinned against the ever-present threat of the volcanoes and they follow a lifestyle of their own. Different traditions and cultures co-exist in this beautiful country, each having their own identity and niche yet a unique oneness, which lures tourists towards it.

Guatemala as a tourist destination fascinates those that are adventurous and look, for unconventional places; as such, places are plentiful here. The months of November and December are the best time to visit Guatemala since the weather is cool and the sunsets are simply scintillating.

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Beautiful Model Reha Latest HQ Photo Shoot

Beautiful Model Reha Latest HQ Photo Shoot

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Colorful Couture - The Rainbow Dresses

Colorful Couture - The Rainbow Dresses

Here are the latest cleverly designed outfits from the Rainbow Winters SS 2011 collection. The featured materials spices up the collection, inspired by the rainforest and its colorful palettes, this Rainbow Winters collection integrates a new ink technology to change its pigments with sun and water. The Rainbow Winters SS 2011 clothing line is truly impressive, providing a gorgeous outlook for the coming year's summer months.

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