Top 5 Weight Loss Myths

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Top 5 Weight Loss Myths

Some days back I was going through a report on side effects of faulty measures adopted by people in the hope to lose weight. People who skipped meals, followed crash diets or fad diets suffered from insomnia, stress, headaches, weakness, fatigue and to top it all they lost very little or no weight at all. So I thought of compiling a list of most common weight loss myths and the real truth behind them.

Myth 1: Crash diets are a healthy way of losing weight

Fact: Crash diets will help you in losing weight but only for a short duration. The day you start eating your normal diet you will put on all the kilos you lost during your crash dieting phase. When you start eating very less food it is obvious that you will lose fat. However, along with the fat you will also lose lean muscles and tissues due to crash dieting. Not only will you feel fatigued out but you will also lose interest in studies or work. The most effective weight loss is gradual, so that your body can adapt to the shift.

Myth 2: Skipping meals specially breakfast will help in weight loss

Fact: Skipping meals specially breakfast may feel like the simplest way of weight loss without any exercise. Did you know that your body has a tendency to eat more after every skipped meal? The human body is intended to have healthy nutritional diet in various servings during the day. People who skip meals tend to eat just one meal in a day, typically dinner. Such an eating pattern overwhelms the body with more than required calories during night, and with no physical activities to burn them off your body becomes sluggish and unhealthy.

Myth 3: Only low fat foods are crucial to weight loss

Fact: low fat foods help in weight loss; however, your body requires a balanced diet. Eliminating fat from your diet altogether will make your body weak and devitalize your immune system. Your body requires some fat in the diet to perform daily activities, do not eliminate them altogether. Moreover, if you switch to a low fat diet you might overeat thinking that you will not put on any weight. Gorging, even if on low fat, results in going beyond your everyday calorie limit which will again cause weight gain and may inculcate a sense of failure in you.

Myth 4: Working out on an empty stomach will burn more calories

Fact: when you exercise on an empty stomach your body utilizes the energy saved up in your muscles. You may be under the impression that during workout your body will use up the fat in your body for energy, but, the constitution of human muscles is so much less complicated to use that the body makes use of it if no other energy source is easily usable. Eating maybe just a fruit before working out ensures that your body actually burns the fat and not the muscles.

Myth 5: You can reduce inches from certain areas of your body by specific exercises

Fact: The answer is a big NO. If you do exercises pertaining to a specific body part, it will definitely better the appearance of that area by toning up the muscles. However, it is not in your hands to decide where the fat will come off from. Do not reduce all your weight loss efforts on that one sole part. Your intention should be complete physical fitness which will bit by bit take the fat off from that problem area.

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Cute Ducklings

Cute Ducklings

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Le Gray

Le Gray is a modern luxury hotel situated in the historic center of Beirut. The hotel is characterized by contemporary interiors,
impeccable service and truly spacious rooms and suites. Magnificent views over the city architecure can be enjoyed from the hotel’s rooftop restaurant, bar and swimming pool.Indigo on the Roof is the rooftop restaurant, where guests can enjoy really stunning views of Beirut, while having a delicious dish.The restaurant is recognized for its outstanding wine list.

The hotel disposes of 87 rooms and suites, which are all equipped with the state-of-the-art furnitures and amenities. Fresh fruits and flowers are delivered to the rooms every day.

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Library to publish pages online to give scholars access

A rarely-seen manuscript of one of the world's most important copies of the Koran is to be published online.

The hand-written holy book, estimated to be around 500 years old, is so precious and fragile scholars have been unable to put it on display.

Now experts at the University of Manchester's John Rylands Library are using digital technology to photograph each page and publish the book online to enable scholars and students to study it.

Analysis of the digital images should aid scholars to date the manuscript more accurately.

The hand-written copy of the Koran, with each page the size of a large
The fragile 470-page book is kept by in the University of Manchester's John Rylands Library

It is believed to have originated from Cairo from the library of Kansuh al-Ghuri,

one of the last Mamluk Sultans of Egypt.

Each of the 470 pages measures 35in by 24in, the size of

a large plasma screen TV.

The ornate book was written by several scribes and illuminators for

Kansuh al-Ghuri, the penultimate Mameluke sultan of Egypt.

The paper it is written on was made from bombycine, a silken fabric which after

sizing is polished with smooth stones so that the ink sits on the surface rather than being

absorbed (similar in properties to vellum).

Historians disagree on when it was written, with estimates ranging from

the second half of the 14th century to 1500.

It was kept in the sultan's library in Cairo and was eventually acquired by the Earl of Crawford.

The Koran was one of several manuscripts which formed the Crawford Collection,

artefacts acquired by various Earls of Crawford, which was bought by

Enriqueta Rylands in 1901 and became part of her husband's library the John Rylands Library.

The library eventually formed part of the University of

Manchester in 1972 which is where it is now.

Known as the Rylands Koran of Kansuh al-Ghuri, it has two missing pages,

or leaves, which were discovered in the 1970s at the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin.

The missing pages will also be captured in digital images

and reunited with the book on the internet.

At least 950 images will be captured - which will be between 80 and 120MB each - allowing their study in intricate detail.

It will eventually be freely available for research, teaching and

learning using Turning the Pages technology on a dedicated website.

Project manager Carol Burrows, collection and research support manager at the

John Rylands Library, said: 'Because of its size and weight, reading room access

has been severely restricted to all but a handful of scholars. It cannot be used

in exhibitions, seminars or public close-ups.

'It will certainly be challenging to photograph this enormous manuscript,

as it is too large and heavy for the equipment we normally use.

'However, we have constructed dedicated equipment

which will achieve this aim.'

Dr Andreas Christmann, senior lecturer in Islamic Studies at the University’s school of Arts,

Histories and Cultures said: 'Although one of the biggest assets of the John Rylands Library,

this Koran has not been available for either research or teaching because of its delicate state.

'We know it represents one of the finest, most lavishly illuminated and

calligraphically significant Qur’an manuscripts from the late Mamluk period.

'Because of its time of writing - 14th or 15th century – it bridges the gap in

chronicling Qur’anic calligraphy between the late classical period - 9th-12th century and

the early modern period - 16th-18th century.

'By digitising the entire manuscript and adding the missing chapters it will

produce an almost complete Qur’anic manuscript of magnificent size

and splendid craftsmanship.

'I’m delighted scholars, including students of my class in Qur’anic Studies,

will have free access to studying this text, which will provide a great stimulus

for further research into Qur’anic calligraphy.'

The Koran was purchased by the library in 1901 as part of the Crawford collection

of manuscripts, a collection of artefacts acquired by various Earls of Crawford.

The project has been funded by the Islamic Manuscript AssociationPhotographer Jamie Robinson leafs through the pages of the holy book, which is

believed to have originated from Cairo from the library of Kansuh al-Ghuri,

one of the last Mameluk sultans of Egypt

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Threads and Motifs - The Bejeweled Collection

Threads and Motifs - The Bejeweled Collection

The Bejeweled Collection, Shoot done in Bangkok, All the designs are now available in stores!

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Four Seasons Hotel ,Beirut

Four Seasons Hotel Beirut soars high in the sky, overlooking the city and boosting a real stylish hotel experience.

The hotel offers 230 guest rooms, 60 of which are suites. Elegancy and comfortability are the key words in the design of the interior, where classic is combined with sophisticated elements. Floor-to-ceiling windows reveal panoramic views over the city, the Mediterranean
and the shore.

You may meet for a coffee or cocktail at the Boulevard or relax over whiskey and cigars in the Bar. Taste seafood at the Grill room or contemplate the sea and the city from the hotel rooftop bar – it is up to you and it is all for you. A real hotel experience!

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Elevator In The Elevator - Must Visit

Elevator In The Elevator - Must Visit

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Just Jessica Alba

I’m running on empty today and have got my holiday head on so this small set of Jessica Alba is just a bunch of pics that were sitting doing nothing and make for an easy gallery.

I don’t know when, where, what or why… I just know she looks as gorgeous as ever and that’s more than enough for me.

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BenQ Joybook Lite U105 Netbook

BenQ Joybook Lite U105 Netbook

BenQ latest Joybook Lite U105 works out as a small netbook. It comes with 900 grams, it is very light weighted. You can easily carry it anywhere and work. It is built in finest features. It arrives with pre-installed with Windows7 OS Starter Pack.BenQ is a well famous company for making gadgets now this latest Joybook Lite U105 is superb.

It comes with sleek design with black color. You can use it for your official work as well best for your personal use.It is built in a 10.1-inch monitor that has resolutions of 1024×600 LED-backlit, a hard drive capacity of 160GB, a 4-in-1 card reader, 1.3-megapixel webcamera for face-to-face net-talks, a gig of RAM, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It packs with advance technology and seems very trendy it has elegant slim design. It comes with the price tag of $330.

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Selena Gomez Cool Celebrity Pictures

Selena Gomez Cool Celebrity Pictures

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