Skin Care Tips

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Skin Care Tips

Money saver

Hooked on using disposable cleansing cloths or facial wipes for cleaning your face? Since these packages are convenient but costly, take the time to cut each cloth in half when you buy the package. With a little extra effort you gain twice as many cleansing cloths and save some money in the process.

Exfoliate, exfoliate

For a fast, at-home body exfoliation, mix olive oil with sea salt or sugar. Smooth over skin in circular motions all over the body, avoiding the breast area. Rinse off in the shower and apply your favorite moisturizer.

Body brush

Dry brushing your skin before a shower is a great way to stimulate the natural oil glands in your body. Using a natural bristle body brush, start at your feet and lightly your skin in a circular motion. Follow by a warm shower and slather your body with your favorite moisturizer.

Hand moisturizer

For regular, well-moisturized hands, keep hand cream on your desk at work or in the car. Apply the cream throughout the day to rejuvenate your cuticles and keep skin saturated.

Natural cleansers

Dip into your fridge for facial cleansers when your regular cleanser runs out. In a pinch buttermilk, yogurt and even cream are gentle, natural skin cleansers.

Moisturizer alternative

Instead of using a cream moisturizer after you bath or shower, rub almond oil (available at your local health food store) into your skin for a treat. Combined with a few drops of your favorite essential oil (peppermint, lavender or neroli) it will leave your skin smooth and supple.

Make shaving easier

An easy way to avoid razor burn after shaving is to moisturize beforehand. While shaving cream is the most popular method, try prepping your leg with hair conditioner for a few minutes before shaving. It will hold moisture on the leg longer and provide a very smooth shave.

Tired eye solution

Need to get rid of tired or puffy eyes immediately? Keep a spoon in the freezer and apply to eyelids for a few minutes to reduce redness.

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Tea Estate Beautiful Scene

Tea Estate Beautiful Scene

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Forever Love Photo Set

Forever Love Photo Set

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Bonanza Collection Summar Lawn 2011

Bonanza Collection Summar Lawn 2011

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Half Moon, A RockResort

Located on on Jamaica’s northern coast, Half Moon, A RockResort, is a fabulous, 400-acre luxury resort featuring pristine, whitewashed cottages surrounded by amazingly landscaped gardens and the brilliant Caribbean Sea beyond.

Perfectly uniting Old World beauty and fancy contemporary touches, Half Moon provides its visitors with 197 rooms, suites, and 33 private four- to seven-bedroom villas. There is a huge diversity of facilities available: Fern Tree Spa, an 18-hole signature golf course, a Dolphin Lagoon, fitness centre, equestrian centre and more.

With its spectacular seaside location, rich Caribbean heritage, warm and attentive staff and exceptional array of amenities, it’s no wonder that this iconic Jamaican destination has set the standard for luxury Caribbean resorts for more than 50 years.

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Can You Do This Math

Can You Do This Math

Math Genius School is part of MyEduzone Group focus in providing specialised mathematic courses. Math Genius is about mental arithmetic which provides technical skill in mathematics that can be acquired intensively through finely structured. The technical skill help children to strengthens and improve their... mathematical competence in calculating with speed, and of course accuracy.

Many people often assume that learning mental arithmetic is merely a method to improve the speed and accuracy of calculations, for example, adding 10-digit numbers withln a few seconds. By itself,it is already an amazing accomplishment for most young children.
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Genius SlimStar 8000 Wireless Keyboard Mouse

Genius SlimStar 8000 Wireless Keyboard Mouse

Genius SlimStar 8000 fresh set includes a black wireless mouse and wireless keyboard also, both devices use a technology called 2.4 GHz radio with automatic tuning, not allowing other wireless devices interfere with the radius of 10 meters. Communication with the computer through a special USB-adapter.

Combo keyboard has ultra-thin design keys provide quiet and gentle pressing, as provided for in the design of the drainage holes to protect from moisture inside, in addition, the keyboard includes a keyboard volume buttons.

The mouse is equipped with an optical sensor with a resolution of 1200 dpi, capable of providing precise cursor movement on almost any surface, it is worth to mention about the existence of a roller wheel scroll in four directions Magic Roller, through which you can not just flip through documents in the four directions, but also to zoom in applications Microsoft Office and Internet Explorer. Genius SlimStar 8000 works with three batteries, type AAA, total weight is 450 grams, the recommended price - $ 24.90.

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Mexican actress Maite Perroni cute fotos

Maite Perroni cute fotos . Mexican actress Maite Perroni good shots.Maite Perroni photos. Large gallery of Maite Perroni pics.
Maite Perroni is a Mexican actress and singer/songwriter, who is best known for starring in Rebelde, Cuidado con el Ángel and Mi Pecado. She gained international fame as a member of the Latin Grammy nominated pop group RBD. Univision named Maite Perroni as the new Queen of the Telenovelas in 2009

Her latest serials
2010 Mujeres Asesinas 3 Estela Blanco (Las Blanco,Viudas) 1 episode (Lead Role)
2010-2011 Triunfo del Amor María Desamparada 140 episodes (Lead Role

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A delight to visit Oberosterreich, Austria

A delight to visit Oberosterreich, Austria

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Genelia at Guess Jeans Womens Day concert

Genelia at Guess Jeans Womens Day concert

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